Online Yoga

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Join Zoe online for classes, from anwhere, anytime. With her little magic dog Coco, Zoe offers sweet and accessible sequences tailored toward the newer yogi. Zoe’s fun, effective classes, and her contagious love of the practice will encourage you to dive and discover the wonderfulness of you. Personalized Skype sessions are also available.

Yoga Therapy

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Restorative yoga therapy is a unique therapeutic offering, meeting us where we are at to reconnect holistically to a deeper sense of inner relaxation. Imbalances felt as stress, pain, and disease melt away as we shift out of stress states towards the body's natural healing response, stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system.

Events & Playshops

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Get tickets to Propel Yourself into the New Year with Yoga and Chocolate, a delicious and empowering experience to clarify your goals for 2018! We offer unique and fun workshops that take you deeper into Yoga, and host special events customized to your group’s needs for private gatherings or corporate team building.


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