The Republic of Yoga is a down-to-earth and joy-filled yoga community that celebrates and embraces people of all shapes and sizes, ages, levels of experience and fitness levels. We are a true republic – all are welcome!

Classes held at our boutique studio are one-of-a-kind. Our thoughtfully curated yoga practices are fun, inspiring and deliver the essence of yoga with compassion and a sense of humour. After all, yoga is about the nourishment of your Self, and delighting in the discovery of joy from moment to moment.

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Our classes are held in our natural air studio with a serene view as well as outdoors in many of Singapore’s beautiful green spaces.

Yoga practice invigorates, rejuvenates and nourishes. As you move with your breath through the postures, stress falls away, physical health improves, mental clarity is enhanced, and your mood is lifted. The wonderful thing about yoga is that it can be practiced by anyone.


We love introducing yoga to beginners and helping people overcome physical limitations as much as we love helping seasoned practitioners refine and deepen their practice. As a yoga republic, we have something for just about anyone. We also offer one-on-one sessions, yoga team building workshops and yoga party celebrations, specially customized to your needs.

Practicing at the Republic of Yoga Studio.

Our classes include a variety of traditional and modern yoga styles: Hatha (Iyengar and Vinyasa fusion), Outdoor and Yin Yoga. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with these styles, we can answer any questions, and also have courses for brand new yogis to get you started. As well, we hold unique workshops that allow you to delve deeply into specific aspects of yoga. Our latest offering is yoga with live music – where you experience the magical combination of expressive movement, sound, and storytelling, taking yoga to a whole new level.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure that you will be well looked-after. We look forward to answering any questions, and to being part of your yoga journey. Contact us to sign up for a trial class today!

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