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Upcoming event: Om Sweet Om – Ice Cream meets yoga for a sensory exploration of mindfulness.


Om Sweet Om – dive into delicious meditative bliss, a sensory exploration where Yoga meets ice cream.

Sweet gentle yoga and mindfulness practices led by Zoe Ho, Restorative Yoga Therapist (ERYT-500).

Exclusive ice-cream flavour and indulgences created by local chocolatier LisaLou’s Chocolate Bar just for this event.

Treat yourself, or bring a friend for a special date!

All levels of experience, vegans and non welcome. read more

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Laugh Your Way Through Holiday Season Stress


2 weeks to Christmas! Even yogis lose their cool around the holiday season… while the malls are filled with bleary eyed people, and entertaining sometimes feels more like obligation than pleasure. Here’s a blog about how we laughed our way through self-imposed pressures around the holiday season. Laughter is a great yogic tool for serenity!

I got my nephews a pre-fab Gingerbread House Kit, hoping to wow them, imagining us bonding as we build the most fantabulous Gingerbread House (ever) together. And yes, there might have been visions of them looking at me with little eyes of amazement, wowed by how “cool” and “artistic” their aunt was… as we step back to survey the house that we built, a creation maybe even better than the picture on the box. read more

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Building a Yantra


On the final afternoon of our retreat, a huge bed sheet with a pattern sketched on it was brought out, followed by baskets of flowers which were poured onto the ground. Earthy yellow magnolias, red roses, sweet jasmines, fragile white chrysanthemums in full bloom, and apparently we were to de-stem them to create a Yantra!

Yantras are graphical devices used traditionally by yoga practitioners to help to still the mind in meditation. To comfort us about the “destruction” of the flowers, so that creation can take place, our teacher Emil told us to look up Tagore, a Bengali poet who shook up the world of literature in the early 1900s, even becoming the first non-European poet to win a Nobel Prize… read more

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