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We are in MingPao Daily!




So delighted to be featured in Mingpao Daily, Canada’s largest Chinese Newspaper! Grateful for the opportunity to have our creative and all embracing approach to yoga shared with so many in Vancouver, Toronto and the rest of Canada. Fun, fresh, yoga freedom for all! 😀

Read original article in Chinese here.

Restorative Yoga Happiness, Personalized

Find Fun, Fresh Yoga Freedom in East Vancouver

By Louisa Chan

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Restorative Bliss


Mmn feels like Savasana in the tropics. Loving our new zen space and the community that is growing! Such fun together..

Here we are last Sunday in Restorative yoga… a sublime practice of deep relaxation. Melt away any stressors as we relax in supported yoga poses targeted to rest the adrenals, improve breathing and lead you to your body’s natural healing mode. Simple mindfulness practices are interweaved to deepen your inner connection to peace.

Sign up at or contact us for more info! xo read more

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Why anyone can Yoga : )


Before I became a certified yoga teacher, I was a certified couch-potato. So I definitely understand why some people “swear” that they will never try yoga. Even when I first bought yoga magazines (feeling unfulfilled reading fashion mags) I focused on articles about emotional balance and contentment, skipping over articles with detailed anatomical pictures and people in weird shapes. Little did I know that one day I would love the physical practice of yoga, relishing it as a concrete way of working through the body towards inner calm. read more

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