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We are in MingPao Daily!




So delighted to be featured in Mingpao Daily, Canada’s largest Chinese Newspaper! Grateful for the opportunity to have our creative and all embracing approach to yoga shared with so many in Vancouver, Toronto and the rest of Canada. Fun, fresh, yoga freedom for all! 😀

Read original article in Chinese here.

Restorative Yoga Happiness, Personalized

Find Fun, Fresh Yoga Freedom in East Vancouver

By Louisa Chan

MingPao Canada read more

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Yoga in the Arctic!


It’s been a blast teaching yoga in Canada’s Western Arctic! Yogis here seem to be extra adventurous and I can teach new techniques without anyone batting an eye :). Then again, it takes an unconventional soul to live in this unique area of the world. Regardless, yoga works wherever we are to create more balance and ease in our bodies, minds and hearts. Hopefully this profile in the Inuvik Drum brings more people out to give yoga a try 😉


Zoe Ho is bringing her “Republic of Yoga” technique to the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex. (Shawn Giilck/NNSL photo) read more

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