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Laugh Your Way Through Holiday Season Stress


2 weeks to Christmas! Even yogis lose their cool around the holiday season… while the malls are filled with bleary eyed people, and entertaining sometimes feels more like obligation than pleasure. Here’s a blog about how we laughed our way through self-imposed pressures around the holiday season. Laughter is a great yogic tool for serenity!

I got my nephews a pre-fab Gingerbread House Kit, hoping to wow them, imagining us bonding as we build the most fantabulous Gingerbread House (ever) together. And yes, there might have been visions of them looking at me with little eyes of amazement, wowed by how “cool” and “artistic” their aunt was… as we step back to survey the house that we built, a creation maybe even better than the picture on the box.

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Raspberry Jam Shortbread Cookies


Buttery, crumbly, crunchy shortbread goodness with delicious chewy raspberry jam centers.

Happy holidays everyone! We had these cookies after class, and everyone wanted the recipe. It’s easy and delicious, perfect for Christmas morning <3


• 1 cup salted butter

• 3/4 cup unrefined raw sugar

• 2.5 cups organic wheat flour

• 1/2 cup organic raspberry


1. Let butter soften, then create your yummy shortbread dough by beating together butter, and sugar in a large bowl until light and fluffy.

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Tantalise and Revitalise – Yoga and Raw Food Brunch


Tantalise and Revitalise – Yoga and Raw Food Brunch

26th August 2012

New to Raw Foods? Come join us for a yoga-foodie urban escape, designed

to boost your energy and tantalise your taste buds! We begin with a speciallycreated

yoga sequence to relax, revitalise and recharge. Then we escalate the bliss

with a vibrant, imaginative and nourishing raw food brunch! Enjoy our delicious

demo and tasting, learn how nutrient-rich plant-based foods enhance your mental

clarity, physical wellness and immunity and how to incorporate raw foods into your

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