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Class Styles

Our Yoga Class Offerings 

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Zoe offers group classes and private classes based in Burnaby and Vancouver BC Canada. We also customize programs for corporate yoga classes and special events globally. Please see SCHEDULE for details on current offerings.

We look forward to answering your questions!


Hatha Yoga for Everyone

A beautiful practice blending alignment, breath and movement, with plenty of options for both beginners and slightly more experienced practitioners. Strengthening and empowering, as well as a great way to increase vitality and release stress.

Outdoor oga amidst birdsong and lush greenery!

Outdoor Yoga 

Practicing yoga outdoors is a great way to connect to nature and to yourself. The classes are a blend of Hatha and Yin yoga.

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Yin the Beginning Yoga 

Often called “The dessert of Yoga”, Yin Yoga is a restorative form of yoga based on TCM where long-held passive postures target deeper connective tissues and meridian points. The effect: Bliss and calm, increased flexibility and a healthier internal system. Yin is a gentle form of yoga that can be practiced at any level of experience. This class is a happy marriage of the benefits of hatha yoga and yin yoga. Beginners and those seeking yoga as physical therapy will find this a lovely way to ease into practice.


Yoga and Meditation 

The benefits of a 1.5 Hour Hatha Yoga Mixed Levels class [see above], followed by a meditation session. The short meditation session is optional and free-of-charge. Meditation is non-religious, and focuses on breath and mindfulness. This compliments the physical yoga practice, enhancing your ability to sit calmly through any storm, perceived or actual.

Kid's Yoga 1

Kid’s Yoga 

Kids love Yoga! Through role play, stories and the physical postures, kids get to exercise and learn about cooperation and sharing. Starting yoga early in life builds up your childrens’ capacity to handle life situations with a cool and creative mind.

Private Session

Private Yoga sessions are suitable for students who prefer to learn at their own pace. We offer one-on-one private sessions, or private classes for your group, where we will begin by assessing your health goals and needs, then tailor a program just for you.

For private sessions, corporate classes, and special events, simply contact us and check out the other tabs under Yoga Offerings. We look forward to hearing from you!

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