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cropped-SBG-Vira-I1.jpgWhy our students love doing yoga with us:



Yin Yoga this past week was awesome, some parts were challenging, and others made me so relaxed and blissed out, I was dozing off. I hope nobody noticed, and I can’t wait to do it again! Thanks Zoe!






What I love about doing yoga with Republic of Yoga is that I can focus on and be “me”. It’s not the pretentious or the hard core… it’s this really good space where you relax, improve your body and bliss out… And I really like that!



Zoe’s classes are always very enjoyable… no stress, just be yourself. She makes great effort in preparing the flow during classes so we always can expect surprises! I like those cheerful poems that she read to us when we have to hold the yin poses. It does make it easier to hold the poses! She makes a lot of effort to get to know her students, their likes and dislikes and their bodies too… and soon we are just like friends!




Your teaching is truly inspirational. The way you make your class so relaxing yet still make the body move with all the asanas is amazing… I feel great and re-energised after every session. You have a very calming way about your teaching and are an attentive yoga instructor.. I feel so lucky to meet you and to share our teaching experience. As a yoga teacher myself  I always learn something new in your class.




Yoga with Zoe at the Republic of Yoga was just the right pace for a beginner like me. She managed to strike a balance between a challenging workout while also providing time for me to relax, clear my mind and release tension – all the things I look for in a yoga session.




You are a fantastic teacher. You are so warm and personable, classes with you feel like hanging out with friends. Your energy is really uplifting. I love your voice and the way you speak. There’s a dreamy quality to it that’s almost hypnotic! It’s perfect for yin classes. I always leave the class feeling relaxed and more balanced. Great job!




Zoe, in every class you teach, you surpass all expectations of mine. You’re full of fun spirit and good humor, yet guide us through poses with compassion and grace. It is that ability to transmit that knowledge of yoga through a fusion of poses that makes me want to come back for more of your classes!



I like attending your classes because your instructions are clear and easy to understand. You make it easy for students of all levels by providing options. I really enjoy our outdoor yoga sessions! On a deeper level, your classes are beyond just exercising, you also guide us to keep our minds positive through yoga.




I’ve been loving yoga with Zoe since our first class. It was a Yin-Yang yoga class. During the session, I became totally relaxed and my mind became calm, even when we tried some asanas that were a little challenging! It was not just the practice of physical yoga poses, I was really impressed.

We all love how cheerful and friendly Zoe is. She tells funny jokes during class to keep us smiling : )

Her outdoor yoga classes are also attractive. It is a special experience. I can feel connected to nature under the palm trees. I really love her yoga classes!



Zoe’s classes always has the personal touch and I know that however I’m feeling that day in class, she somehow makes it worth my while – whether physically, mentally or emotionally.





Why I like your classes…

1) Very friendly interaction between the teacher and the students. We all appreciate the personal attention you offer to each one of us.

2) The fun. I admire your great talent in leading us to do “impossible poses” without being too obvious! My main reason for going to yoga is to work out, but then I also “freak out” at the idea of hard workout… I think your methodology somehow removes the tension. It’s easier to work out when you’re relaxed and the mood of the class is good.

3) You teach for the outcome, not the income. It’s a wonderful phrase that describes what we can all feel in your classes.



愉悦自在的瑜伽空间.  A relaxing and joyous space to experience yoga.





Having fun in Double Boat Pose.

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