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Embodied Mindfulness Yoga Therapy

During treatment, Zoe inspired other cancer warriors in the #couragetochange campaign. Since her recovery, she has been sharing mindfulness tools to support others in their healing journeys.

Zoe Ho, yoga teacher and therapist (E-RYT 500) teaches with a sense of humour and tenderness about self-love and compassion, encouraging your ability to embrace yourself just as you are.

As an embodied mindfulness yoga therapist, Zoe works with the mind-body connection, backed by leading edge neuroscience and trauma research. Chronic issues or pains reveal deeper insights. Our bodies are talking to us and asking for our attention, and our sensations are calls to action, memories, physical manifestations of our underlying beliefs. Embodied mindfulness therapy techniques help bring the unconscious to light.

Having lived both in the East and West, including the Arctic – Zoe feels we are united in our humanity to seek a home within. She has learnt it is possible to embrace our wholeness even when going through immense challenges – surviving cancer and treatment, the heartbreak of divorce, supporting loved ones through addiction recovery, and loss. She is inspired to support you in your exploration and reclamation of your authentic self, so you can make empowered choices from a place of truth.

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From Thinking to Knowing – Embodied Mindfulness Yoga Therapy

Embodied Mindfulness Yoga Therapy is a healing modality that unites psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience and yoga, helping you to make empowered choices, moving beyond thinking to knowing. In a session, we attune to you – at mental, emotional, physical levels – using supported postures, emphatic-reflection and embodied mindfulness techniques, listening deeply to your body without judgement.

Our bodies hold stress, memories, emotions, and traumas. Embodied mindfulness helps you to embrace what’s present, connecting with the inner wisdom of your body so that you can to work with, instead of fighting against symptoms and stressors. Even the simple act of listening to the body can have profound healing effects.

What distinguishes Embodied Mindfulness Therapy from other yoga therapies is that it’s ability to help people clarify their inner knowing. Empowered with tools to untangle from perpetual cycles of worry  and over-thinking, clients can make change to live more authentic, meaningful, and empowered lives from a place of clarity.

What’s a Session Like?

Each session provides a safe and compassionate space where you can show up as yourself, using supported postures, emphatic-reflection and embodied mindfulness techniques to explore your inner experience. Unlike in some other forms of therapeutic work where the therapist is the expert who interprets and gives advice, Embodied Mindfulness Therapy sessions support self-awareness and empowered choice as the most important catalysts for change. Clients leave with a clear and meaningful practice to integrate into daily life, with the goal of taking tangible steps toward the life experience they seek. Each practice is unique to each client and is supplemented with tools from the therapist. Supported postures might include touch to help you be in embodied presence, at your comfort.

Clients have used Embodied Mindfulness Yoga Therapy to support their recovery in:

  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • self-regulation skills for daily life
  • healing from trauma
  • Reconnection with yourself
  • Working through self-limiting beliefs
  • Clarity around significant life event or transition
  • Support for cancer, insomnia, fibromyalgia (and more)

Embodied Mindfulness Therapy is informed by Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) an accredited pioneer yoga therapy school, founded 30 years ago North America.

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