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Embodied Mindfulness Yoga Therapy

Embodied Mindfulness Yoga Therapy is a healing modality that unites psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience and yoga, helping you to make empowered choices, moving beyond thinking to knowing. In a session, we attune to you – at mental, emotional, physical levels – using supported postures, emphatic-reflection and embodied mindfulness techniques, listening deeply to your body without judgement.

Our bodies hold stress, memories, emotions, and traumas. Embodied mindfulness helps you to embrace what’s present, connecting with the inner wisdom of your body so that you can to work with, instead of fighting against symptoms and stressors. Even the simple act of listening to the body can have profound healing effects.

What distinguishes Embodied Mindfulness Therapy from other yoga therapies is that it’s ability to help people clarify their inner knowing. Empowered with tools to untangle from perpetual cycles of worry  and over-thinking, clients can make change to live more authentic, meaningful, and empowered lives from a place of clarity. (To learn more, click HERE.)


Restorative Yoga Therapy

Restorative yoga therapy is a unique offering with the understanding that we are all perfect, complete and whole as we are – in mind, body and spirit.

This therapeutic practice gently meets us where we are at, supporting our reconnection to this knowledge, which we might have forgotten in states of stress or trauma.

Unfolding into deep levels of relaxation, restorative yoga reconnects us to an inner peace within… shifting us out of the stress state towards engaging our parasympathetic nervous system, our body’s natural healing response.

Therapeutic breathing, postures and props are used to create a completely supportive environment for total relaxation. Imbalances felt as stress, pain, illnesses and other unease melt away as the practice helps us shift into a state of healing, relaxation and flow, slowing down the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, increasing our immunity to infection and releasing tensions. Studies have shown that Restorative Yoga is highly effective when used in recovery from chronic stress, illness and injury. (To learn more, click HERE.)

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